"Kill them. Kill them all."

((yeah, pretty much giving up on this blog. Thanks for all the support and follows, you guys are great! However, I’ve moved on to different fandoms, and this of course still is one, but I’m just not into it as much as I used to be. Thanks, guys. <3))

((So many followers, so little asks. This blog is dead without you guys.))


Happy Father’s Day!

Well.. It’s not so bad, really, I mean—

with Clarence?!
I have absolutely no control over what he does to me! 


Seriously, though, even if we didn’t quite get our happily ever after, thanks for trying. It meant a lot to me.

Oh god, no… This was never supposed to happen.. It’s all my fault..


Christ, that hurt…
Amabel? You there? 
Sorry I haven’t been responding to your messages lately.. I’ve been kind of, uh, held up. As in, away from the computer for quite a while.
There is no need to worry, I will get you out of there soon. Just give me some time. I promise

((Ack! Sorry for the lack of posts, I promise to get back to posting soon! Thanks for the asks, guys!))

((Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I assure you, I will update soon. Recently school has been in the way, but soon Summer Vacation will be upon us, and I will be able to smother you with pictures and answers. In the meanwhile, feel free to ask as you please!))


So. According to reallifePhilip I’m Shadow’s and Alexander’s Daughter.


Which one wears the dress, again?

Via Wonderful World

Anonymous said: When are you streaming?

((Any minute now I will post the link, I can assure you, Anon. Just gotta wait a few mins, hush hush))

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